…genocide in our back garden…

I found an interesting site called Genocide Watch. Here is a table with info on some of the countries and regions under heavy genocidal assault. The table is updated frequently, so this one might be a bit old by the time you read it. Go to the website for a more updated table.

Country Genocide Watch April 2010
Current Massacres Victims Killers
DR Congo 7 Women, civilians, Congo Tutsis Ex-Rwandan genocidists, LRA
Sudan 7 Darfurese, southerners Sudan army

Arab militias

Somalia 7 Opposing clans Al Shabaab
Afghanistan 7 Gov’t supporters Taliban, Al Queda
Pakistan 7 Gov’t supporters Taliban, Al Queda
North Korea 7 Gov’t opponents Korean Army
Burma 7 Shan, Karen, Rohinga, democrats Burmese Army
Ethiopia 7 Gov’t opponents Tigrean Army
6-Potential Massacres
Nigeria 6 Ethnic, religious Ethnic, religious
PRChina 6 Falun Gong, Uighers Chinese army
Yemen 6 North Yemen South Yemen
Colombia 6 Gov’t officials Drug gangs, FARC
Equatorial Guinea 6 Bubi minority Gov’t police
Uganda 6 Acholi civilians Lord’s Resistance Army
Chad 6 Zaghawas Sudanese raiders
Central Afr. Rep. 6 African farmers Arab militias
Iraq 5 Kurds, Shia, Sunni Ethnic, religious
Iran 5 Bahais, Sunnis Revolution Guard
Zimbabwe 5 Matabele Shona
Sri Lanka 5 Tamils Sinhalese
Nepal 5 Royalists Maoists
Guinea 5 Democrats Guinea Army
Uzbekistan 5 Tajiks Uzbek Army
Egypt 5 Copts Islamists
Kenya 5 Luos, Kikuyus Kikuyus, Luos
Côte d’Ivoire 5 Northerners Southerners
Burundi 5 Hutus Tutsi Army
Angola 5 Cabindans Angolan Army
Algeria 5 Berbers Algerian Army
Philippines 5 Gov’t supporters Abu Sayyef, Moro
Lebanon 5 Christians, Druze Hezbollah
Bosnia 5 Bosnian Muslims Serbs
Israel/Palestine 5 Palestinians/Jews Israelis/Hamas
India 5 Muslims Hindu Extremists
Indonesia 5 Christians Islamists
South Africa 5 Boers/refugees Black racists
Russia 5 Ingush,Chechens Russian Army